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1164 South Brook Street
Louisville, KY, 40203
United States

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Treat yo' self to a scoop!

Come see us at our NULU neighborhood scoop shop! You can get a scoop, a pint, a float, a sundae, concretes and more!


The Scoop Shop

Come see us at our new scoop shop in NULU at 632 E Market Street! Until summer 2017 we had to slog it out to hot events to get out ice cream out, and now you can sit in a sweet air conditioned location with - get this, more stuff to eat. Check out the menu below for more details!

Signature Menu options

These are the regulars that ain't goin' nowhere! Come find out which one is your favorite.

Seasonal ice creams in shop

Check back often, we change these guys up as the seasons change. We're going to hook you up with the best in-season produce in your ice cream, sundaes, sorbets, vegan ice creams, and more. Only the best for you...yes, you.